"Blink twice to avoid being kidnapped": Mickoski says DUI owns SDSM and Pendarovski


"We have a government that is collapsing, total anarchy in the institutions. A prime minister who resigns in the morning and says it's enough, could not withstand the pressure. In the afternoon he awards tenders, and in the evening he talks about how he will save Macedonia and bring it into the European Union. Even his membership in it does not see a serious factor, because they do not even know who really leads their party. But to be honest, whoever it is, one thing is certain, the biggest influence in SDS is also in Bihać, managed by Recica. SDS is a kidnapped party and a servant of the true and biggest partner in the government, which is DUI, which has been in power for 20 years and over the years have become a criminalized group strongly networked and entrenched in state institutions," said the president of VMRO-DPMNE Hristijan Mickoski tonight in front of the supporters in Kavadarci.

He says that "not only the DUI that SDS owns, but the president of the state Pendarovski also owns them."

"When I say he owns the president, I say it because Pendarovski, for the past 4 years and more, missed the opportunity to be the president of all citizens with his actions, he showed and proved that he is the president only of those few who still support him. That's why I tell them that they also kidnapped the president of the state, and that is Pendarovski," Mickoski said.

He added that "there is no attitude that Pendarovski did not change".

"Macedonia has a president in two forms. The first is the one who appears in interviews and on television and says what the people want to hear, and the second form is the one we meet when making decisions, completely opposite to what he said before," Mickoski said, adding:

"Well, from Pendarovski's public interviews, his appearances on television, you will hear about the French proposal that he did not accept, but that's why when they sat him down at the table, he immediately accepted the same proposal without hesitation. During the interviews, he also had doubts about the agreements for Corridors 8 and 10 e, but he signed all the laws at the table and sent them to the Assembly. DUI not only kidnaps the institutions but also holds SDS and Pendarovski hostage. Thanks, also the joke "blink twice to avoid being kidnapped".

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