Trenchevska announced that she will schedule a meeting with the members of the Strumica Diocese of the MOC-OA

Jovana Trenchevska - Minister of Labor and Social Policy / Photo: "Sloboden Pechat" - Dragan Mitreski

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenchevska will schedule a meeting with the members of the Strumica Diocese of the MOC-OA in connection with the different views regarding the Draft Law on Gender Equality.

I will certainly schedule a meeting, I will call the Strumica Diocese with the people there to talk. I believe that they will also accept that it is the intention of the legislator and that certain segments like the one about the maternity leave, only one part of the law was tweeted, it was not fully explained and there was chaos in the community. Also, just by presenting the definitions in the law, we do not present the essence of the law, that we will discuss and come to a harmonization of our views and that the intention of the Government, the Ministry, me as a minister who has worked for 30 years on human rights, on women's rights rights, my goal is not what was presented on the podium, but the goal is for every citizen in this country to enjoy their human rights, said Trenchevska today in Strumica after visiting the Multipurpose Social Center in Strumica together with the British ambassador to the country, Matthew Lawson and the mayor Kostadinov.

The Mayor of Strumica, Kostadin Kostadinov, today responded to the attacks on his presence in the tribune of the Church. He believes that he does not feel a duty as a mayor, even more so as a person, to dissociate himself from the views of the Church, because, according to him, the Church has the right to its own view.

Should I be accused because I was present on the stand together with the councilors and we should be accused, I think it is not good. My personal feeling, my personal relationship with the Church, with the Strumica Diocese, is from my earliest age, from my birth. The position of mayor will not force me to break my personal relationship with the Church, with my spiritual father Vicar Bishop Jacob, just because I am mayor. The functions are transitory and changeable, said Kostadinov, who asked those who attacked him to apologize, because as he said, it hurt the feelings of all the citizens of the Municipality of Strumica.

Previously, the mayor of Facebook wrote "Freedom, Freedom, Freedom!" Orthodoxy is my determination and it is my freedom!".

The letter sent MOC to Minister Trenchevska, in which Vicar Bishop Jakov Stobiski states that his point from the forum is confirmed, namely that "institutions have become hostages of gender ideologues".

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