Trenchevska-Cebuk: With cooperation in the field of labor, social protection and gender equality we deepen the friendship

Trenchevska-Chebuk / Photo: MIA

The Minister of Labor and Social Policy, Jovanka Trenchevska met today Anatol Chebuk, the newly appointed Ambassador of Moldova in the country based in Sofia, with whom they discussed the possibilities for establishing cooperation between the Ministries of Labor and Social Policy of the two countries by concluding a memorandum of cooperation

- Trenchevska and Chebuk concluded that the ministries would cooperate within their competence and in accordance with their national legislation by implementing joint initiatives in the areas of labor, employment, social protection, gender equality policies and other issues covered by the ministries. While the cooperation would be realized through exchange of experiences, participation of experts in conferences, seminars and other international events organized on the territories of both countries, through exchange of legal and professional documents and other materials, as well as work and implementation of joint projects, the Ministry informed. for Labor and Social Policy.

- Northern Macedonia and the Republic of Moldova have excellent friendly relations and I believe that in the coming period we will achieve closer cooperation in the field of labor and social policy with the competent Ministry of Moldova, on issues of common interest to the citizens of both countries, said the Minister. Trenchevska.

Ambassador Chebuk, on the other hand, expressed interest in the possibilities for concluding social security agreements between the two countries, for which both sides agreed on further open dialogue on this issue.

- Minister Trenchevska wished the newly appointed Ambassador of Moldova, Cebuk, success in performing her diplomatic function, and both sides expressed confidence in starting fruitful interstate cooperation, according to the MLSP.

Source: MIA

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