We need to wait for the facts from the reports about the cause of death of six-year-old Jana, Kovacevski says

PHI Clinical Hospital "Dr. Trifun Panovski "- Bitola
PHI Clinical Hospital "Dr. Trifun Panovski "- Bitola / Photo: Facebook

When asked if he will claim responsibility for the death of six-year-old Jana, the prime minister Dimitar Kovacevski today he stated that based on all the reports that will be presented by the responsible institutions, decisions will be made in the future, but he says that we have to wait for them to be shared.

Regarding that case, you know that on the same day when it happened, an extraordinary inspection was carried out by the DZSI. The Prosecutor's Office was also informed and the reports, as informed yesterday by the Deputy Minister of Health, have already been submitted to the Ministry of Health. Based on them, the exact reason for what happened will be determined. I would not be able to prejudge what exactly happened, because first of all I am not a medical person, he says.

Tomorrow protest in Bitola "Justice for Jana", parents support the protest

Commenting on the statement of the director of the Bitola hospital that they are facing a shortage of staff, Kovacevski says that "we have a health system that works", with a large number of employees.

Financial resources have been provided for its operation from the Budget for 2023, and the Ministry of Health and the directors have to deploy the staff within the state, because the impression is that there is a shortage in some places, and in some places where they want to work the most. , for example in Skopje there are excess staff. They should make a good deployment and the system should work accordingly, he adds.

Protests are scheduled for tonight the death of six-year-old Jana, who died after receiving an infusion in the Bitola hospital. The protests are under the motto "We are all Jana" и "Justice for Jana", and will be held at 19 pm on Magnolia Square in Bitola and in front of the Ministry of Health in Skopje.

The girl's father Stojce Hristovski, told "Sloboden Pechat" that he will soon go public, to explain the whole situation as he saw it before his eyes while Jana was being treated in the hospital. He says that he is not an opponent of all doctors, but that there are flaws in the health system and in the way it is done Jana was treated in hospital which must not be covered up. It is his last consolation in the enormous pain they are facing as a family, that other children will be saved and healthcare will wake up.

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