Trump on Zelensky: He is an excellent businessman, he always returns from the USA with billions - this is what I will deal with when I enter the White House


Former US President Donald Trump expressed strong criticism of US aid to Ukraine at a pre-election rally in Detroit, reports "Kiev Independent". 

Speaking at the US Milestone event, Trump claimed he would "fix it (US aid to Ukraine) before he takes the White House as president-elect".

Trump described President Volodymyr Zelensky as "the best businessman" for securing significant financial support from the United States.

"I think that Zelensky is perhaps the biggest businessman, bigger than any politician who ever lived. Every time he comes to our country, he leaves with $60 billion. He just left four days ago with $60 billion, came home and announced that he needs another $60 billion. It never ends," Trump claimed. "I'm going to address that before I take over the White House as president-elect."

Trump has previously said he would freeze defense aid to Ukraine if he wins the US election. He also claims that Russia would not have launched its full-scale invasion of Ukraine in 2022 if he had been president.

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