Trump leads Biden in Wall Street Journal poll


US President Joseph Biden is trailing behind Donald Trump for the first time, according to a new Wall Street Journal poll for the 2024 presidential election.

According to the newspaper, Biden's approval rating is currently at its lowest level since he was elected president, and 43 percent of voters support him, while 47 percent of those polled support Trump.

The Republican and former US president's lead increases to six percentage points when potential independent candidates are added, who together have about 17 percent support.

The most popular among them is Robert Kennedy Jr., for whom eight percent of respondents would vote. Dissatisfaction with Biden is ubiquitous in the new survey, the American newspaper reports, and states that only 23 percent of voters say Biden's policies have helped them personally, while 53 percent say the president's policies have hurt them.

By contrast, about half of voters say Trump's policies while he was personally president have helped them, while more than 37 percent say they have hurt them.

The survey results come as a fresh shock to Biden and his Democrats, some of whom have openly expressed concern that the 81-year-old is capable of winning the election and serving another four years as president.

At the same time, Democrats are increasingly warning that Trump's return is possible, and according to them, his second presidential term would pose a danger to American democracy, the newspaper writes.

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