Trump complains that he is a victim of political persecution: I am the American Navalny

Trump with the host of "Fox News" - Photo Profimedia

They accused me four times, just because of the fact that I am in politics. I have been accused of things that are so ridiculous. It is a form of Navalny. It is a form of communism, of fascism, the former president told Fox News.

Former US President Donald Trump has compared himself to Alexei Navalny, claiming he is a victim of political persecution just like the Russian opposition leader, who died a few days ago in a notorious prison in the Arctic Circle.

In an interview with Fox News, Trump expressed regret for Navalny's death. Current President Joe Biden and Western leaders are shifting it of Russian leader Vladimir Putin the responsibility for the death of the oppositionist.

– Navalny was in a very sad situation and he was very brave, he was a very brave guy. He came back, and he could have stayed out, and, frankly, he probably would have been much better off staying away and speaking out of the country, rather than going back, because people thought that what happened could happen, he said. Trump, alluding to Navalny's decision to return to his homeland after being treated for poisoning in Germany, even though everyone knew he would be detained once he set foot on Russian soil.

Trump then remarked that he felt like he was in the same situation as Navalny in Russia.

"It's horrible, but it's also happening in our country, which is turning into a communist country in many ways," Trump added, referring to the series of lawsuits against him on charges ranging from inciting a riot on Capitol Hill to tax evasion. .

Less than a week ago, Trump was ordered to pay a $355 million fine, plus $99 million in interest, for misrepresenting the value of his company in order to get a better loan.

New York State Attorney Letitia James announced that she is willing to open a process to confiscate Trump's assets because he is believed to not have enough active assets to pay the fine.

The interview was conducted in front of an audience in South Carolina, four days before the presidential election - EPA photo, Jim Lo Scalzo

In an election year when Trump is almost certain to be the Republican presidential nominee, he faces yet another series of lawsuits that he says are politically motivated, and he is personally the victim of a "witch hunt."

- They accused me four times, just because of the fact that I am in politics. I have been accused of things that are so ridiculous. It is a form of Navalny. It is a form of communism, of fascism - the former president told Fox News.

He, however, avoided answering the question of whether he could become "a potential political prisoner until his death, like Navalny."

– If we lose to the acnes, then they won't talk about me and I wouldn't have any problems with the law. If I was out, I think even though they hate me so much, I think if I was out, they'd still be like, "let's prosecute this guy, we can't stand this guy," the former president said.

In the interview, Trump did not mention the Russian president by name at all, whom he praised more than he criticized even when he was president of the United States.

Putin, on the other hand, recently returned his "compliment" when he declared that "I would rather have the predictable Biden elected president of America than the unpredictable Trump."

Analyzes of the American intelligence community, on the other hand, indicate that Moscow, through hacking groups and other instruments, conducted operations in the opposite direction - to smear Trump's opponents both in the 2016 elections, which he won, and in 2020, in which lost.

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