Trump has decided who will be his vice president, and he will appear with him at the debate on Thursday


Former US President Donald Trump has claimed he has chosen his running mate and has indicated that he will appear with him in the first presidential debate on Thursday, when he faces incumbent Joseph Biden.

In interview with NBC during his stay in Philadelphia, when asked if he had decided who would run with him for vice president of the United States, Trump said that "it's in his head." Trump stressed that for now no one knows who he has chosen as vice president.

Sources familiar with the selection process told NBC that North Dakota Gov. Doug Burgum and Ohio Sen. JD Vance are the top contenders for Donald Trump's running mate in the November presidential election. Trump said last month that he had a "good chance" of naming his vice president at the Republican National Convention, which takes place July 15-18 in Milwaukee.

The governor of the American state of North Dakota, Doug Burgum, who is considered one of the main candidates for vice president of Donald Trump in the presidential elections in November, said that it does not matter who will be the candidate for vice president, because the victory depends only on Trump.

Burgum, before the debate between US President Joe Biden and former US President Donald Trump, scheduled for Thursday, said that Biden can show increased abilities during the debate and that he did so four years ago, CNN reported.

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