Trump wants a new trial for the sexual assault on Jean Carroll, he is not being paid the five million dollars awarded in damages

Donald Trump / Photo: EPA

Former US President Donald Trump requested a new trial for the civil suit filed against him by the writer and journalist Gene Carroll, alleging that Trump raped her 27 years ago. A New York court ruled last month that the former president was guilty of sexual assault and of defaming and publicly disparaging Carroll.

Because the case was civil, Trump could not be sentenced to prison, but the court ordered him to pay the writer five million dollars in damages.

With the May 9 ruling, Trump was effectively legally labeled a sexual predator.

The jury deliberated for less than three hours. It was not established that Trump raped Carol, but that he was responsible for sexual assault.

In an interview the day after the verdict, Carroll said she was "overwhelmed with joy not only for herself, but for all women in the country."

Trump convicted of sexual assault, must pay five million dollars to the victim

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