Trajanov: A debate is opening in the Parliament for one constituency

Pavle Trajanov, leader of DS / Photo: Democratic Union

After more than two years of blockade, today the Parliament will start a debate on the Proposed Amendments to the Electoral Code, with which it is proposed that Macedonia be a single electoral unit, with a proportional model remaining, without an electoral threshold and a solution for the independent performance of smaller ethnic communities .

- The amendments create equal chances for political competition of the parties and independent candidates for MPs, ensure the same weight of each vote and grounds for democratization of the electoral rules and the state as a whole. The composition of the parliament will reflect the will of the citizens, more parties and individuals will influence the making of crucial decisions, taking into account strategic and national issues. I invite all proposers and MPs to get involved in the debate and through a serious and reasoned discussion to make a decision, declared the president of the Democratic Union, Pavle Trajanov.

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