Trajanov: We will reconsider the support for the Government if one constituency is not introduced within three months

Paul Trajan's Democratic Union
Pavle Trajanov, Democratic Union / Morning briefing

The leader of the Democratic Union and Member of Parliament, Pavle Trajanov, maintains that if the changes for one constituency are not adopted in three months, it will consider whether it will continue to support the Government.

- SDSM basically supports one constituency and that was their position that the debate on this issue should be opened, but the big parties often change their opinion and such a general consensus is unlikely to be secured. I am optimistic that three months is the optimal time when the amendments to the Electoral Code can be adopted. "If they are not adopted in three months, we will reconsider our support for the Government," Trajanov said on the show "360".

He informed that he had discussed this with the Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and that this issue is part of the Government's priorities.

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