The tragic life of the French icon: She lost two babies, was harassed by the authorities, then committed suicide

Jean Seberg in "Breathless" (1960) / Photo: The Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Profimedia

Gene Seberg she was an American actress, for whom the whole world sighed. She gained fame with the role in the cult film "Breathless" (1960) of Jean-Luc Godard, and in her acting career she played more than 30 roles, writes "Style".

She spent almost half of her life in France, because in the United States she was persecuted by the intelligence services. Jean wholeheartedly supported and funded numerous human rights organizations that were still in their infancy in the XNUMXs. Among them were the so-called "Black Panthers", an organization that fought for the rights of the African-American community.

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI), headed by J. Edgar Hoover, at that time was conducting an operation called "COINTELPRO", the sole purpose of which was to track, record and discredit the members of such organizations, as well as those who supported them, such as Jean. In addition to the Black Panthers, numerous feminist and left-wing movements were on the FBI's radar.

Jean Seberg and Jacques-Paul Belmondo in "Breathless" (1960) / Photo: © Productions Georges de Beaureg / AFP / Profimedia

The actress was going through unprecedented torture. FBI agents openly followed her, pressured her, tapped her phone, raided her house, and were given the go-ahead by their director, as well as the then US Attorney General, to "neutralize" her by those methods.

The documents, later made publicly available by the FBI, made clear that agents sought and found "creative" methods to make her life virtually unbearable. Hollywood stopped offering her roles, even though she was once named the "discovery of the year." But the attacks on her private life through the media and tabloids were what destroyed her.

In early 1970, in the middle of the chase, Jean became pregnant with her second husband, Romain Gary. The FBI decided to let the media know that the real father of her baby was one of the leaders of the Black Panthers, with whom she allegedly cheated on her husband. The campaign to destroy the reputation of the actress heated up when those gossips were published in all the tabloids, and the stress suffered due to the media chase caused the actress to give birth prematurely.

Gene Seberg in 1957 / Photo: The Hollywood Archive / Hollywood Archive / Profimedia

The premature girl lived only two days and then died. Devastated by pain, the actress asked for the coffin to be opened at the funeral, so that everyone could see that the baby's skin was white.

After this tragedy, the actress lived in several different countries, but her family later said that the FBI is still after her. Her husband said that she was psychologically devastated after the baby's death and that she tried to commit suicide several times.

However, they managed to have a child – their son Alexander Diego Gary was born in Barcelona in 1962. Due to the persecution experienced by Jin, the news of the child's birth was hidden for a whole year.

Gene Seeberg / Photo: akg-images / akg-images / Profimedia

Although still married to Romain, in 1970 Jeanne began a romance with the student Carlos Navarro. She became pregnant and gave birth to a daughter, Nina, but that baby also died two days after birth, allegedly due to complications caused by taking sleeping pills during pregnancy. By then, Jean already had suicidal thoughts and a drug abuse problem.

Jean divorced Romain, married the director Dennis Barry and she remained married to him until his death, although in the meantime they stopped living together. Then, she entered into an extramarital union with Ahmed Hasni.

Syberg disappeared from their Paris apartment in August 1979. Hasni told police they went to the movies, came home and went to bed. When he woke up the next day, Jean was gone. The search for the actress lasted eight days, and on the ninth day she was found dead in a parked "Reno" near the apartment. She was wrapped in a blanket in the back seat, and a bottle of water and medicine were found next to her. Jean also left a farewell note for her son, writing only: "I'm sorry, I can't live with my nerves anymore."

Romain and Alexander Gary / Photo: no, Credit line: AFP / AFP / Profimedia

The death of the actress was declared a suicide, but a year later, the French police decided to review the case and file charges against "unknown persons who did not help a person in danger".

Six days after her body was found, the FBI admitted to stalking and harassing her.

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