The tragic story behind Zdravko Colic's big hit made the whole of Yugoslavia cry

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This year marks 48 years since the tragedy that made the whole of Yugoslavia cry - the death of the high school girl Milica Kostic, who jumped from the 11th floor to save herself from a group of rapists and preserve her dignity.

Eighteen-year-old Milica Kostic, a student at the Medical School in Krusevac, almost half a century ago naively believed a group of young men who asked her to help them. Telling her that they needed help with the strict parents of one of their girls, Milica decided to help them, but soon realized that it was a premeditated plan. Upon entering the apartment, it became clear to Milica that the boys had other intentions.


The five began to convince her to undress and not to resist. Thinking that Milica would give in out of fear, they tried to convince her that it was "better" to agree to the rape herself, than to go through it with the additional use of physical force.

One of the boys, who planned to commit the terrible crime, began to hesitate after Milica tearfully declared that she was innocent. He left the room where the terrified girl was, and soon the other boys went to convince him not to give up. Taking advantage of the moment when everyone left the room, Milica jumped from the 11th floor of the building, choosing certain death over humiliation.

Although no one predicted that she would survive the fall, Milica lived for two more days and during that time she managed to tell the investigating authorities who the perpetrators were and what exactly happened on that fateful day. Protests were organized in Kruševac against the thugs, who were soon arrested, but it is not known how many sentences they received, nor how long they spent in prison.

The death of Milica Kostic inspired the poet Velizar Sofranz to write the lyrics of the song "Ona spava" ("She sleeps"), and the music was composed by the legendary composer Kornelij Kovacs. The performer of this song is Zdravko Čolić, who sang it back in 1974.

You can read the full story of her life at the website, which is dedicated to Milica Kostic.

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