Tragedy in Italy: A truck ran over a famous cyclist


Tragic news reaches us from Italy, the 52-year-old cyclist Davide Rebellin he lost his life after being hit by a truck. The doctors tried but failed to save his life, the media reports.

At the Beijing Olympics in 2008, Rebelin managed to reach the podium, but was later stripped of his medal due to a doping scandal. Because of the scandal, he was also suspended, after the suspension he returned to the sport.

Rebellin's career spanned three decades, and he retired earlier this year. After the tragic news, the head of the "Tour de France" also spoke out. Christian Prudhomme.

"This is an extremely sad day for all those who love cycling," Prudhomme said succinctly.

In his successful career, he managed to achieve 61 victories. At this moment, not many details about the accident are known, the competent authorities are investigating the case. Initial reports are that the truck continued to drive after hitting him.

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