Tragedy: A girl died in Karposh, a car hit her on a pedestrian crossing

Photo: Free Press

A 24-year-old girl died tonight in the Skopje neighborhood of Karposh, after being run over on a pedestrian crossing near the City Mall. published A1on.

The girl was crossing the street at a pedestrian crossing, when a Citroen car hit her and threw her several meters away, causing her fatal injuries.

Unofficially, the driver who ran over her overtook another car, which stopped at the pedestrian crossing.

According to Fokus, the driver of the "Citroen" is 22 years old, and the Ministry of Interior announces more details about the accident later.

The police are on the spot and an inspection is being carried out.

Details of the accident at the "City Mall": There is another victim, the injured boy was taken to hospital

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