Traditional recipe for Macedonian makalo that preserves immunity

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Not only is it delicious, it also protects your immunity. Try it and see for yourself. For all those who love garlic, and especially for those who can not eat it raw, Macedonian makalo is a real thing - you will enjoy the taste, you will protect the immunity, but also the body from flu and other diseases. Therefore, garlic is also called a natural antibiotic.

Garlic makal is a great addition to barbecue, stews, baked potatoes… It complements various dishes and gives them a special flavor. The Macedonian people usually practice to thicken it with bread soaked in makalo. It is a real pleasure!


- 1 head of garlic
- salt if desired
- 5 tablespoons of oil, and maybe more
- 3 tablespoons of vinegar
- 400 ml of lukewarm water
- 2-3 small hot roasted peppers
- parsley if desired


Peel a squash, grate it and wash it. Put it in a wooden mash bowl, and you can also put it in a blender. But a wooden bowl is much better because it gives a special taste. Add the salt. Mash it until you get a smooth mixture like mayonnaise (it may take a little longer, but the secret is in the long paste). Add oil and mix until smooth. Gradually add the vinegar and mix everything.
Then add lukewarm water and mix well. Add hot peppers and finely chopped parsley.


You can increase or decrease the ingredients, depending on the taste. The makalo is stored in the refrigerator.

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