Toshkovski about Xhaferi who broke into SVR Tetovo: If nothing else I expected him to apologize

photo: Interview of Panče Toškovski, the technical minister of internal affairs for 360 degrees

Everyone can make mistakes, and the prime minister can make mistakes, but I expected him to apologize if nothing else. For him to come out the next day and say - people, I'm sorry, what I did is a very big foul, it really does not befit a prime minister to behave like that in a system where there is a hierarchy, where under him is an employee within the Ministry of Internal Affairs, says the Minister of Internal Affairs in the Technical Government in an interview for MIA, Pance Toshkovski, about the unannounced visit of Technical Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi to SVR Tetovo.

It is unfortunate, emphasizes Toškovski, that citizens witness such deviant behavior and points out that Jafreri should have apologized.

"It's unfortunate, it's unfortunate, that citizens witness such deviant behavior, I would call it. The technical prime minister I'm sure didn't know who the lady was. How will he know? I didn't know either. When I watched that shameful video I didn't know who the lady was either. But he should have had virtue and come before the Macedonian people, before the Macedonian citizens, especially before his colleagues in the Ministry. Believe me, you don't know how many condemnations I had personally that day from the point of view of the relationship of the technical prime minister and to say, people, I'm sorry, I was wrong. At least he could have done that," says Toshkovski in an interview with MIA.

According to Toshkovski, the Technical Government functions disastrously. - The basic legal obligations that he should respect, he does not respect and manipulates at the same time, says Toškovski.

On Friday, Technical Prime Minister Talat Xhaferi paid an unannounced visit to SVR Tetovo and visited the offices where requests are submitted and citizens are photographed for ID cards, passports and driver's licenses with the new constitutional name of the Republic of North Macedonia. The visit was followed by some of the media in the Albanian language.

In a statement to the media, Xhaferi emphasized that after the visit, he found that the SVR Tetovo lacks organization in the execution of tasks on a daily basis.

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