Toshkovski: We have a correct cooperation with Bojmacaliyev, the technical government functions disastrously

Mvr celebration/photo Slobodan Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

The Technical Minister of Internal Affairs, Panche Toshkovski, says in an interview with MIA that the relationship with his deputy, Mitko Bojmacaliyev, is correct.

- It is normal to have disagreements on certain topics from the point of view of whether I have the right to sign myself or he thinks that I do not have the right to sign - that is the most normal, but we have a correct cooperation and I hope that it will continue like that. In contrast to the correct cooperation with the additional and the deputy, I have to express a huge concern about the illegality in the Government's operation because the Government is the one that has to cut and all the decisions it makes are illegal, Toškovski points out.

According to Toškovski, the technical government functions disastrously, indicating that it does not respect the basic legal obligations that it should respect.

- Totally without any legal and essential justification, especially in the area of ​​authoritarian right which the Government considers to have been given to it by God, but not given by the law to me only limited by the heads of the Ministry of Internal Affairs, which I absolutely have the right to demand by law and at the same time only for SVR Tetovo not to allow me to appoint an additional chief who will be of my choice, and the additional one to appoint an additional chief who will be of his choice. This is the first fact where they committed a catastrophic foul and for which I am informing all the representatives of the international community in detail, and I must say that they are expressing great concern about the democratic capacity of this country in the area of ​​conducting fair and democratic elections, said Toshkovski.

The biggest problem, he underlines, is that they took the obligation to formally and legally explain why they did that, and for a month now there has been no explanation why.

- Not first and last name, but the position of head of SVR Tetovo was not given to me, and the position of additional head of SVR Tetovo was not given to the additional deputy minister - it is not clear to me how the decision was made by the Government and why until today today we have no legal reasoning, says Toškovski.

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