Toshkovski, Bushi and Bojmacaliyev met with the Austrian ambassador Pamer

Technical Minister of Internal Affairs Panche Toshkovski, Deputy Minister Nazim Bushi and Additional Deputy Minister Mitko Bojmacaliyev had a working meeting today with the Ambassador of Austria Martin Pamer, during which Toshkovski introduced the ambassador to the functioning of the Ministry of Internal Affairs in the technical Government and his responsibility in the implementation of the upcoming elections, during which he pointed out that the current leadership in the Ministry of the Interior makes joint efforts and advocates that these elections be European, fair and democratic.

As informed by the Ministry of the Interior, at the meeting Toškovski welcomed the understanding of the EU member states regarding the technical nature of the issue of travel documents, expressing the will to overcome this problem.

On this occasion, the Additional Deputy Minister of Internal Affairs Mitko Bojmacaliyev thanked for the cooperation so far and once again confirmed the primary obligation to which he committed himself within the framework of this technical Government, which is the organization of a fair, free and democratic election process.

-Ambassador Pamer emphasized the cooperation so far, which should continue to develop in the future. Austria is a big supporter of our European path. With regard to Macedonian travel documents, he emphasized that Austria understands this problem and comes to meet Macedonian citizens who exercise their right to free movement in Austria with the old forms if they have a valid period and a regulated stay in Austria, the Ministry of Interior said.

At the end of the meeting, according to the announcement, Toškovski expressed confidence that the cooperation within the already started projects between the two countries will continue, but he also announced an increase in its scope. He also thanked Austria for its position regarding our technical problem with the issuance of travel documents for Macedonian citizens.

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