Tokyo seeks stability in the Taiwan Strait

Photo by Michelle Tucker

Japan has stressed the importance of peace and stability in the Taiwan Strait following China's announcement of military exercises around Taiwan and its outer islands.

Chief Cabinet Secretary Hayashi Yoshimasa stressed the importance of peace in the Taiwan Strait to the security and stability of Japan and the global community during a press conference. He emphasized the need for a peaceful solution through dialogue.

Japan will communicate directly with China and clearly communicate its position on the issue with the United States and other regional partners, Yoshimasa said. He assured that Japan will continue to closely monitor the situation.

In response, Taiwan's presidential office spokesman Kuo Ya-hui described China's military actions as a "regrettable move."

Kuo reiterated that maintaining regional peace and stability is a shared responsibility and goal for both sides of the strait. Taiwan is managing the situation and remains committed to defending its democracy, she added.

Taiwan's Ministry of Foreign Affairs also issued a statement pledging to spare no effort in protecting the cross-strait status quo.

He urged China to come to its senses and show restraint, calling for an end to unilateral actions that disrupt peace in the Taiwan Strait.

China has announced that it will conduct joint exercises in the Taiwan Strait, covering the areas around northern, southern and eastern Taiwan, as well as Kinmen and Matsu.

The exercises were described as a response to separatist forces seeking independence on the island.

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