"He's Satan and a Dwarf": Leaked Audio Recording of Two Rich Russians Brutally Insulting Putin


Russian society is rocked by a scandal after an audio recording appeared in which two wealthy Russians, prominent supporters of Vladimir Vladimirovich Putin, they insult the Russian president. The former Russian senator Farad Akhmedov and the Moscow music producer Joseph Prigogine they call the Russian president "Satan" and "dwarf" in the video, reports said The Daily Mail.

The recording of the phone conversation between the two was broadcast on the Ukrainian "Channel 5" and soon spread to other media, and even reached the Russian Security Service (FSB), writes "Daily Mail".

Akhmedov and Prigozhin comment on Putin's invasion of Ukraine, condemn the Kremlin's failures, and even comment on Putin's height.

Any criticism of Putin in Russia is rare – especially among those who profited from Putin's rise to power. Those found guilty of insulting the Russian state, the army, or Putin himself face harsh sentences and even prison terms.

After the audio was released to the public, Ukrainian and Russian independent media analyzed the January 24 recording.

According to the analysis, Akhmedov can be heard saying that by starting the war in Ukraine, the Russian government destroyed their future and that of the children.

"He is Satan," adds Akhmedov, referring to the Russian president, and continues his criticism of the deputy head of the Russian Security Council. Dimitri Medvedev, who was president from 2008 to 2012.

"Both Putin and Medvedev are infamous. Those Lilliputians are not up to it," Akhmedov says in the video.

Putin - who often wears high-heeled shoes - is known to be very sensitive when it comes to his 170cm height, so some claim he too suffers from the 'Napoleon complex', but Medvedev is even shorter than his boss because is only 163 centimeters tall.

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