"He's a dangerous dude!": Marija Sherifovic revealed who is the father of her son Mario

Photo: Printscreen / Instagram

The Serbian singer Marija Serifovic at the end of last year she became the mother of a son Mario.

Maria's son was born by a surrogate mother in America, and the father of the little one remained an enigma until now, when the singer revealed some information about him.

The pop star was a guest on the show "Amidji Show" at Ognjen Amidzic, where due to the cross-examination she agreed to say something about the man that Mario will probably look like in the future.

Based on the teaser that appeared on Instagram and Maria's statement, it can be concluded that this is a man that many women long for.

- A dangerous fellow, a European - said Maria, and then referred to the upbringing of the heir.

– If he becomes a doctor of sciences, he will live in Beverly Hills, if he becomes a car mechanic, I will buy him the entire Toshin well. So I am equally happy - she said.

Otherwise, Maria kept the surrogate mother's pregnancy and information about the father a secret. The singer signed an agreement guaranteeing the confidentiality of the data, so she must not publicly reveal who the child's father is, nor who is the surrogate mother who brought her son into the world.

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