Todorovic was the first to experience the changes to the Criminal Code, he is no longer under house arrest

Photo: Giceto / Wikipedia

The former mayor of Centar municipality, Vladimir Todorovic, who was under house arrest due to his involvement in the "Phoenix" case after the amendments to the Criminal Code, the court lifted this restriction and he is now completely free, "Prizma" reported.

The Macedonian businessman, who is the founder of the "Tinex" market chain, was detained in June, due to suspicion that while he was in the position of mayor, he abused his official position and authority for the "Skopje 2014" project in a case opened by the Public Prosecutor's Office.

Some of the arrested people ended up in custody, and for Todorovic it was then decided to remain under house arrest. According to the prosecutor's proposal, Todorović is no longer under house arrest since last Friday.

The actions that Todorovic committed date back to 2013, so instead of 2043, the crime completely expires this year, according to the latest amendments to the criminal code that came into force on September 15.

If the investigation is stopped, Todorovic can ask the court to pay him compensation for being under house arrest for two and a half months.

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