Tito threw the members of "Bijelo Dugme" off the stage: They played for him for only eight seconds

Josip Broz Tito / Photo: Profimedia

"White Button" is one of the most influential rock groups in the region. The members of the cult group became known for their ability to combine different musical genres, and their lyrics often carried deeper social and political messages. A large number of their songs became evergreens, with which several generations grew up, writes "Style".

The group was founded in 1974 by the guitarist Goran Bregovic, then a young and talented musician. The other members of the group's original line-up were Zeljko Bebek (vocal), Zoran Redzic (bass guitar), Goran "Ipe" Ivandic (drums) and Vlado Pravdic (keyboards).

However, even the "white cats" were not immune to what happened after the breakup of Yugoslavia. The group broke up and reunited several times throughout their career, changing line-ups and experimenting with sound. Regardless, their music remains relevant to this day.

Speaking about the politicization of music, Bregović once described what it was like when they played in front of the Yugoslav president Josip Broz Tito and addressed claims that his group was a government project.

"And that 'Bijelo Dugme' was a state project?" I remember we were invited to play for Tito for New Year's. Some of Tito's grandchildren sang 'Tako ti je mala moja kad ljubi Bosanac', so they wanted to bring the group that sang that song because they thought that comrade Tito wanted to hear it," he said, adding that Tito, immediately after the beginning at their concert, he covered his ears.

Goran Bregovic Korca

"But because Tito covered his ears five seconds into our concert, we were taken off the stage eight seconds after we started singing. So, as a state project, I only managed to play for ten seconds," said Bregović in an interview for "Nedeljnik".

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