Teenagers robbed a man from Skopje with an electric shock, so they spent on gasoline from his card

Photo: print screen

"Today (June 29.06.2022, 18) in Skopje, police officers from the Department of Criminal Affairs Karposh and the Intervention Police Unit at the SIA Skopje arrested MS (04.06.2022) and a juvenile, both from Skopje. They are suspected that on XNUMX on the street "Mile Pop Jordanov" with the use of electric shock by Z.M. "They took a bag with personal documents and a payment card from Skopje, which they used at several gas stations," police said.

During a search of MS's home, carried out by court order, an electric shock and other items originating from the crime were found. They were detained at a police station and after the case is fully documented, appropriate charges will be filed against them, the police statement added.

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