The winning team does not change: "Uni Bank" and the fifth year of the MZT jersey

"UNI Bank" directed a solid part of its capacity to help the airport basketball club / Photo: ABA League / Dragana Stjepanovic

Certainly one of the best companies in the financial sphere in our country, "UNI BANK", continues to "teach" lessons on what a socially responsible company should look like in our country, with continuous investment in Macedonian sports, after the fifth season in a row will be one of the pillars in the sponsorship team of MZT Skopje Aerodrom.

Even in these times of crisis, due to the global pandemic of the coronavirus, "UNI Bank" directed a solid part of its capacity to help the airport club, in order to represent Macedonia with dignity on the regional stage.

- The winning team does not change, given that our team with the help of a great friend won the double crown last season, something we hope to do in the upcoming, after which we will celebrate the great success together.

It is one of the most renowned financial institutions in our country, which offers a wide range of banking activities, starting from collecting deposits, granting loans to legal entities and individuals, services in domestic and international payment operations, to intermediation in the purchase and sale of foreign currency and securities. . The bank has about 400 employees, serving over 200.000 customers in 30 branches, with a number of ATMs and is one of the first to introduce a chip as a security technology along with electronic payment via the Internet.

We hope that our joint success story with "UNI Bank" will be more motivation for other socially responsible companies in our country to become part of our winning team and help us to represent Macedonia with dignity in the region and on the European stage. how to continue the domination of the domestic scene that lasts a whole decade - inform from KK MZT Skopje Aerodrom.

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