A 14-year-old tiger died of coyote at an Ohio zoo

Photo: Archive

A 14-year-old Jupiter tiger has died from health complications caused by coyote after being infected at an Ohio Zoo, officials said.

The Amur tiger died after Columbus Zoo officials confirmed that he had Covid-induced pneumonia, ABC reports.

"On Wednesday, June 22, Jupiter's medical team reported that the tiger was not feeling well. He was not interested in food, he stood reluctantly, did not move and did not react to the guards. When this continued, Jupiter was taken for examination and treatment the next day. The first examinations showed that he had an infection, so treatment began. Unfortunately, Jupiter's condition did not improve and he continued to refuse food and move. The next day he went for more tests. "He died on Sunday and is the first animal at the Columbus Zoo to succumb to Covid-19," the zoo wrote on social media.

Columbus Zoo requires staff working with cats, monkeys and otters to wear masks whenever they are a few feet away from the animals.

"The Jupiter caregiver team remembers him as an impressive tiger who loved fish, slept in a cave habitat, played with cardboard boxes… They also remember how they built trust through training with Jupiter, as well as his friendly relationship with tigers Natasha and Maro," the zoo wrote. garden.

Jupiter was born on July 9, 2007 at the Moscow Zoo in Russia, but ended up at the Columbus Zoo in March 2015. Jupiter left an inheritance and had nine cubs during his lifetime. Six cubs were born at Columbus Zoo.

Officials say Jupiter has contributed to the future of its endangered species.

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