Tetovo is sinking into waste, the utilities do not collect it, they started a strike because of unpaid wages

Photo: Sloboden pechat/Zoran Dimovski

The Tetovo utility workers in the circle of the Tetovo PUC expressed their revolt through a strike due to what they say are three unpaid salaries, but also the delay in the payment of health insurance.

They say it's been that way for years. A large part of the employees are sick because of the bad conditions in which they work, but they rarely seek help from a doctor because they are without health insurance and do not have money for a private doctor. They say they won't pick up the trash until they get their wages.

"Our salaries are late, we don't have health insurance, we took our last salary for August. We don't go to a doctor who has it, will be treated, and who doesn't, won't be treated. They announced that a Slovenian company will manage us, but we are not interested in that, we want to be paid for what we have done, until we are paid we will not work", says an employee of PUC Tetovo.

They pointed out that they are constantly receiving false hope from the authorities that the problem will be solved, but, as they say, the situation has been the same for years.

Photo: Sloboden pechat/Zoran Dimovski

"We are in debt, let a Slovenian company take us, we have no problem with that, but they have to pay us first. If they don't release the funds to us, we have no chance to go out into the field, let it be ecocide, let there be garbage to the sky, we are not interested, we have no more patience. Only in Tetovo there are problems with salary delays, why is it so, someone should ask themselves, no other city has this, go to Gostivar, Struga there is money, only here there is not, adds another employee of PUC Tetovo.

On the first day of the strike of the Tetovo utility workers, the places around the containers in Tetovo already started to resemble mini wild dumps.

The Municipality of Tetovo informed that they will have a meeting with the workers to overcome the problem.

In PUC Tetovo, 400 people are employed with and without a contract, who barely survive for years, due to irregular payment of salaries.

The communal hygiene sector has a hundred employees and from next year, as promised by the city authorities, it will be managed by a Slovenian company with which the municipal authorities signed a contract for the collection and transportation of garbage last month.

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