Tetovci for the cheapening of products: May the parliamentarians be alive and well, prices are not important for them, they have high salaries

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Some of the residents of Tetovo noticed a minimal decrease in the products, while some say that the prices of the products displayed on the shelves are the same. However, reducing the prices of certain products will not affect the lower strata, the citizens emphasize, because everything is already too expensive, and no steps were taken for this for a long time.

"I was in a market this morning and there were some products that were reduced by 20 to 30 denars, let's talk realistically, chemical products were reduced," says a resident of Tetovo.

"10% is the reduction, now whether it is enough depends on who. Is it enough for pensioners, is it enough for officials, there is a difference here. If a semi-white bread is 45 denars and how much that price will be minimally reduced, it will not be felt. On the other hand, I hear that now new prices are being put in the markets, so that tomorrow when the decision with a 10% reduction starts to be implemented, the merchant will not lose anything, and all this will hit the backs of the citizens, so there will be practically no reduction . I don't know what policy is being followed, but for pensioners this is a disaster, for me this is illogical, the government has no control over prices. I look around the market, it's very expensive," added another resident of Tetovo.

"I bought pepper, some cheese, but the prices are the same, may the rich and the parliamentarians be healthy and alive, for them the salary can go up and for them the prices are not important, but for us they are important, but for us there is no increase", says one tattoo artist.

Part of the citizens welcome the decision, they say that it is never too late for such measures, if the economic situation of the citizens is known.

"It is never too late because the situation does not cost us every day, especially for that class which is lower, but for our standard the prices are high. However, I think that there should be more reduction in prices, according to the salary, it should be like that", says another resident of Tetovo.

The price of white and semi-white bread of 500 grams, sliced ​​and sliced, has been reduced from three to four denars. Some of the retail chains reduced the prices of bakery products, which they bake and sell, for the same amount of money.

On Wednesday morning, the price of burek in private bakeries was not reduced, and other commonly sold products do not have new prices either.

According to the tour made by "Sloboden Pechat", all manufacturers and distributors sent the new price lists during the night, but in a good part of the markets the prices of the rafts "were not guaranteed".

From today only cheaper bread

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