Tetovci are repairing the consequences of the big storm

Rainy weather / Photo: "Free Press" - Dragan Mitreski

After the big storm followed by rain and hail, the residents of Tatev began to repair the consequences. And this time, as before, the houses near the Tetovo barracks and the textile school, the garages in Block 80, the underpass at the exit from Tetovo to Skopje and several other places suffered the most damage.

With the help of teams from the fire brigade from Tetovo, water is extracted from the most endangered buildings with motor pumps. And this time, like several times before, the damage caused is great.

- This is not the first time this has happened to us, so far four or five times our houses have been flooded in this place. We went to the authorities in the Municipality and were promised that they would come and fix this critical place, but everything remains at their word.

There was indeed a lot of rain, but this problem must be solved. Before, the fence of the barracks was with a wire and there was a drainage canal next to it, but a few years ago they put a wall near the fence and covered the canal and now the water has nowhere to go and enters right into our houses. The damage is huge, our pellets, refrigerators, stoves, furniture and other electrical appliances are flooded.

We are not asking for damages from the floods, it is important for us to solve the problem with this street once and for all, says Zharko Krstevski, whose house regularly floods during heavy rains.

Immediately after the rain stopped, the Tetovo firefighters went out to the most critical places and started to remove the water from the flooded rooms with pumps.

-Currently the situation is very difficult, there are many flooded houses and buildings that need to be cleaned.

The biggest damage was done in Mala Recica, there are flooded houses on Mirce Acev Street, we had three interventions when we rescued people from vehicles, one case was more critical so we had to remove the person through the roof of the vehicle, there was a lot of water and we barely saved him .

Since we had many flooded houses, we asked EVN to turn off the electricity because we were afraid of possible electric shocks. The electricity was turned off for a short time, and then, at our request, it was turned on again, said Avni Ameti, commander of the fire brigade of the Municipality of Tetovo.

The storm also caused great damage to the agricultural and fruit plantations in the Tetovo region, but for now there is no official information on how much they are.

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