State matriculation tests are not hacked but shared - says DIC

Photo: Profimedia

The state matriculation tests prepared by the State Examination Center (DIC) have not been hacked, but the questions have been shared after the exam began, the DIC said this afternoon. From there they say that they are reacting because information was spread in the media that the English language tests were "hacked" and shared in groups on the Viber application.

- The duty and obligation of the DIC is to conduct the matriculation exam by preparing the tests and distributing them to the schools. That process is most professionally performed by DIC. Tests are not broken until 10 o'clock when the testing begins, tests are shared within Viber groups by members after the implementation of the exam has begun. The State Examination Center emphasizes once again that THE TEST HAS NOT BEEN BREAKED, but has been shared after the implementation of the exam has started," says the denial of the State Examination Center.

From there, they say that they will act in accordance with the legal powers with all high school graduates who violated the rules.

- The state examination center appealed to all high school graduates and to all others involved in the realization of the state high school graduation to respect the rules for the performance of the state high school graduation.

The state examination center will act in accordance with the legal and by-laws for all high school graduates if they have violated the rules for the implementation of the exams in accordance with the legal and by-laws", added the DIC.

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