A two-second test reveals whether you should marry someone: Just ask this question

Photo: Pexels / Jeremy Wong

Thinking about marriage but not sure if your partner is "marriage material"? Jana Hocking columnist and relationship expert revealed that in this case it uses a test that lasts only two seconds.

So she quickly resolves her doubt and decides whether to leave her partner or continue seeing him.

"I take a good look at the man and imagine myself standing in a wedding dress ready to go down the aisle," revealed Jana.

"Then I ask myself the question: 'If I arrive at the altar and look at him waiting for me on the other end, will he shine and be genuinely excited to see him?' Would she think to herself 'How the hell did I get so lucky to marry him?' or… Would she just think 'Ok great, he seems like a nice person and I think I could have a decent life with him, so let's do this,” she pointed out.

Jana explained that if you choose the first, that man is for you and you should stay with him. However, if you agree more with the second answer, then it is best to say "goodbye".

"The second option doesn't offer sincere and passionate love, it offers secure love," she explained.

Jana also recently revealed the warning signs of dating apps that women should look out for.

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