Personality Test: Pick a dragon and find out which of your traits are most attractive to others


When choosing, be guided by what is most attractive to your eyes. Look at the cards, close your eyes and then choose the one that sticks in your memory the most. Or surrender to luck. Maybe the random choice will turn out to be the right one, it says "sensa".

This personality test reveals which characteristic of yours is irresistible to others.

Card 1

You know how to listen. You also know how to engage in a conversation and are able to communicate on a wide range of topics, others see you as a trustworthy person. Not only are you present in the conversation, but you approach the interlocutor with understanding and active monitoring. Many value friendship with you because of this characteristic. In partner relationships, this way of communication brings strong energy, and knowing such support and skills instills confidence and creates a solid foundation for the relationship.

Card 2

One of the things that most attracts others to you is the extraordinary attention you selflessly share. Because of your awareness of the needs of others and the way you contribute to your interactions and relationships with others, you can often be the center of attention because people want to be in your company.

Card 3

You do not judge others and know how to accept other people's shortcomings. You know how to love without prejudice and try to see the bigger picture of your surroundings. You consciously try to contribute to its development. Continue in that direction, you could achieve great things.

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