Personality Test: Do you fantasize about romantic romance or physical attraction and passion?

Photo: Screenshot/YorTango

We often fantasize about love, and sometimes we idealize it. This vision changes over the years, so sometimes we are focused solely on physical attractiveness, and sometimes we value more romantic gestures, it says "sensa".

Look carefully at this photo and focus on what you notice first - you will discover what your biggest love dream is.

A woman's face

If you saw a woman's face, you hope that it is love that will completely fill your life. You are a romantic soul and all your life you dream of sincere and true love. Although your dreams are completely normal, it is important not to fool yourself. The scenes you've seen in movies or read in novels don't have to happen in real life for the love you meet. Love cannot replace your personal flaws and if you are unhappy with something, it is important to work on it yourself.


If you saw butterflies, you believe that love conquers all. Although love has a powerful positive effect and can inspire people to behave compassionately and caringly, it is important to understand that love alone is not enough to solve all the challenges you face in life. Instead of believing that love conquers all, it is important to develop emotional intelligence, communication skills, self-awareness and the ability to face the challenges that life brings.


If you saw flowers, your secret love dream is that the romance will never fade. Some people are more romantic than others, but even the most romantic people in the world can't give you flowers all the time. Although the romance may not last, that is no reason to consider your relationship with your partner to have deteriorated. In fact, romantic moments will be much more valuable if they don't happen all the time.


If you saw the sky, your secret dream about love is that physical attraction is always present in equal measure. Although physical attraction is important, it is not the only determining factor in a relationship. The success of a relationship depends on many factors, and emotional attachment, mutual understanding and support are often more important than the physical appearance of the partner.

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