A motorcyclist was seriously injured in a traffic accident in Kichevo

Photo: MIA

Forty-five-year-old AA was seriously injured in a traffic accident that happened yesterday afternoon in Kicevo. The accident happened after A.A driving a motorcycle collided with an "Audi" driven by XNUMX-year-old V.P from the village of Taymishte.

"On September 25.09.2023, 14.00, at 4:60 p.m., it was reported to the Kicevo police station that at the intersection of "Rudnička" street and "45 Juli" street in Kicevo, a traffic accident occurred between an "Audi" passenger vehicle with Kicevo license plates, driven by V. P. (XNUMX) from the village of Taymishte, Kichevo and a motorcycle driven by A.A. (XNUMX) from Kichevo. In the accident, the motorcyclist sustained serious injuries, which were confirmed at the Kichevo Medical Center," the Ministry of the Interior informs.

The site of the accident was inspected by an inspection team from OVR Kichevo.

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