The fugitive beater has a Bulgarian passport, Pendikov still doesn't, but he will be issued one

Pendikov and the Bulgarian ultranationalist Angel Tsambaski / photo: Facebook

One of the thugs who attacked the 21-year-old Christian Pendikov in Ohrid, he is a Bulgarian citizen, that is, he had a Bulgarian travel document, writes "Telma", referring to yesterday's statement by the MP and former minister in Bulgaria, Daniel Laurel, who said this in a television interview.

"The gentleman who was attacked in Macedonia is not a Bulgarian citizen. Bulgaria should protect its citizens above all. He is a Macedonian citizen who now declares himself as a person with Bulgarian self-awareness. One of those who attacked him is a Bulgarian citizen. "The question is why we don't talk about him, because he has Bulgarian citizenship and what we are doing to control him," said Laurel, who is now a member of the Bulgarian parliament.

After the beating, Pendikov gave two different statements to the Macedonian investigative authorities, in the first one he pointed out the beaters, and in the second one he pointed out only the detainee and said that he did not recognize the other beaters.

It is about one of the attackers, who is still on the run after the incident that happened this month and caused tensions in the relations between Macedonia and Bulgaria.

A few days ago, the ambassador of Bulgaria in Skopje, Angel Angelov, stated that the beaten Pendikov, who is being treated in Sofia, submitted documents to be issued a Bulgarian passport before the New Year, but that the request is still in process.

Bulgaria withdrew Ambassador Angelov to Sofia after the incident with Pendikov, and senior officials threatened to return the veto for Macedonia in Brussels.

Who is Hristijan Pendikov, the beaten man from Ohrid that the whole public is talking about

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