Female tennis players also defeated Botswana at the "Billie Jean King Cup"

Lina Gjorceska / Photo: lavoixdunord.fr

The women's tennis national team of Macedonia achieved the second victory of the "Billie Jean King Cup" in the third world zone after celebrating with 3:0 over Botswana

The first point for Macedonia was secured by Magdalena Stoilkoska, who beat Chelsea Čakanjuka 6:3,6, 2:6, and then our best tennis player Lina Gjorcheska gave an even more convincing performance, who lost only two games to Ekua Juri (1,6:1: XNUMX).

Macedonia sealed the victory in the doubles match, Stoilkoska and Gjorcheska beat Cakanjuka and Juri with 6:1,6, 0:XNUMX.
In the first round, Macedonia won over Uganda, and tomorrow they will play against South Africa.


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