The tender for diabetics is the last tender that will be delayed, Minister Majiti promises

Fatmir Majiti, Minister of Health/Photo: Free Press

The Minister of Health, Fatmir Majiti, claims that the glucometers are of high quality and assures that the devices are standardized and accurately show the sugar units in the blood. He agrees that the way of packaging was not appropriate and they have already suggested to the company that in the future they should be packaged appropriately with instructions for use. The Minister of Health promised today that while he is the Minister, he will not allow a tender for medicines to be delayed.

"As long as I am a minister, from now on it will not happen to delay tendering or public procurement of drugs, unless there is a component or substance missing," said Health Minister Fatmir Megiti.

The minister says that in the next period, a systemic solution will be sought so that the problems that diabetics constantly face do not repeat themselves. One of the best solutions being considered is the introduction of reference prices for insulin.

Next week, another 17 glucometers are expected to arrive and will be distributed to diabetics.

"We have met with the Diabetes Association and they know that we are now correcting the mistakes of the previous management. I regret that the public procurement for this large group of patients was delayed then. They were about 4/5 months late. I don't know why, but what I have confirmed on several occasions and will repeat and confirm, public procurement in healthcare will no longer be delayed. We have an announcement for some components, for some drugs and antibiotics, which are in short supply at the world level, but we are taking all the measures so that something like this does not happen to us," said the Minister of Health.

Free examinations for citizens were carried out today by IJZ in the city park on the occasion of Heart Day. Medical personnel measured their blood sugar, cholesterol and blood pressure levels for free.


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