The technical one with the Prime Minister from DUI and ministers from VMRO-DPMNE

leadership meeting assembly
Leadership meeting in the Assembly / Photo: Dragan Mitreski - Sloboden pechat.

At the leadership session in the Assembly, it will be decided whether the elections will be held on May 8, who will fill the vacancy in the SEC, how to clean up the Electoral Roll and how the technical government will be formed.

An Albanian Prime Minister from DUI will not be an obstacle for VMRO-DPMNE to nominate its own ministers in the technical government that should be formed at the end of January, i.e. 100 days before the elections, although the leader of the opposition party Hristijan Mickoski will put the request for abolition of the "Pržin government".

The leaders of the parliamentary parties are expected to formally decide next week in the Parliament that the parliamentary and presidential elections will be held on May 8. The Albanian opposition bloc will open the issue of equipping the State Election Commission (SEC), and it is possible to request participation in the technical government. The topic of the leadership meeting is expected to be the purification of the Voters' List.
Mickoski repeated yesterday that the technical government should be abolished.

- The technical prime minister proposed by DUI will have neither popular nor political legitimacy and therefore we appreciate that the technical government should be a part of the past. Macedonia is a mature country, a candidate for EU membership, and therefore the technical government should be deleted from the Law on Government and the Electoral Code. If that does not happen, VMRO-DPMNE will nominate its own members to it - Mickoski said.

The opposition VMRO-DPMNE in the technical government would nominate ministers for interior and labor and social policy, and deputies in the ministries of finance, agriculture and information society and administration.

The government partners, Prime Minister Dimitar Kovacevski and the leader of DUI, Ali Ahmeti, will come to the meeting with an agreed position on a possible rotation of the Prime Minister's and the President's chairs in the Parliament. SDSM still believes that Xhaferi will cede the presidential seat in the Assembly to an MP from SDSM in order to avoid the concentration of DUI members in vital state positions. According to DUI, this option will be a win-win solution only if Xhaferi is prime minister. Xhaferi claims that he has not officially received such an offer yet and that the decision will be based on an agreement between the parties.
SDSM, DUI and Alliance for Albanians rejected Mickoski's proposal to abolish the technical government for this election, but considered that changes to the laws should be made for the next ones.

Confirmation that there is no consensus for the abolition of the technical government was also given by Prime Minister Kovacevski today.

- The solution for a technical government was adopted by consensus in 2016, with an international presence due to the crisis in the country. That solution is in the Law on Government, that is, 100 days before elections we will have a technical government. The only way to abolish that technical government is by consensus from the parties, because if there is no consensus for something that was passed by full consensus, then you can only end up in a political crisis again. From what I see as the mood among the parties, there is no mood to abolish technicality for these elections. If there is no consensus to abolish it, we will have a technical government. The agreement between SDSM and DUI, from 2020, the prime minister should be Albanian, which is in accordance with the Constitution, it is too early to talk about what the personnel solutions will be - Kovacevski said.

The European Union's priority request for changes will be to get the seat in the State Election Commission, which the Alliance claims belongs to it. If Boris Kondarko, a member of the SEC, is elected to the new Anti-Corruption Commission, then the SEC will be left without two members. If the leadership does not reach an agreement on who the seat belongs to, it is possible to complicate the re-equipment of the SEC because neither the government nor the opposition has the necessary two-thirds majority for the election of a member of the Commission.

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