A technical government is not needed now, when it was introduced there was regime rule, says Lukarevska

Sanja Lukarevska
Sanja Lukarevska / Photo: Screenshot, YouTube

The Technical Government is only one article of the Przyno Agreement in 2016, but we need to repeat why and how it was made, said the SDSM vice-president. Sanja Lukarevska tonight in the visit of "Alsat". She added that the technical government is the result of the then regime rule.

"The reasons and cause for the then technical Government is the rule of VMRO-DPMNE, which now says that the technical Government is not needed," Lukarevska said.

"A NATO member country and a country that aspires to be part of the European family, of course it may be unnecessary to have such an institute as a technical Government. We have no problem with the technical Government not existing. "One hundred days before the elections, she takes care of the implementation of the elections from a technical point of view, but legal changes are also needed for that," she says.

Lukarevska added that in the meantime, work should be done on drafting a new Electoral Code, before the upcoming presidential elections in 2024, as well as the regular parliamentary elections that will follow after that.

She said that SDSM respects the agreements, including the one from 2020 when the coalition government of the then president of SDSM was formed Zoran Zaev and the president of DUI Ali Ahmeti for technical prime minister.

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