Sad news: prima ballerina Natka Penushliska-Mitrovska has died

Natka Penushliska, prima ballerina / Photo: Ministry of Culture

NI National Opera and Ballet informs that the prima ballerina Natka Penushliska-Mitrovska (1934 -2022) died.

She received her ballet education at the High Ballet School in Skopje, in the class of Gj. Македонски и Н. Kirsanova, and then completed her education with famous pedagogues in Paris.

Extremely talented, Penushliska began her ballet career at the age of 14, playing the lead role of Maria in "Bahchisarajska Fountain", the first all-night ballet staged on MNT. Plays all the main roles from the program of the ballet ensemble. Prima ballerina with extremely clean and precise classical technique, virtuosity and expressive emotionality in creating the roles. Penushliska is synonymous with ballet in Macedonia. At the Yugoslav Ballet Biennale in Ljubljana (1960) she was named best classical ballerina. Manages the Ballet at MNT (1967-1968) - informed by the National Opera and Ballet.


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