Vanja's father still denies that he was an informant for Palcho's group

Aleksandar Gjorchevski, the father of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska, who was murdered, denied again at today's interrogation by the public prosecutor that he gave information to the killers about when Vanja would leave the house and that she would be alone. OJO Skopje reported that Gjorchevsky basically denied that he had given information about Vanja's movements that could have helped the kidnappers carry out the kidnapping more easily. By the way, Vanya's abduction, according to the statements of three suspects who were accomplices in his execution, got out of control because the public was very involved in finding Vanya. As the executor, i.e. the one who fired the bullet, two witnesses point to Ljupco Palevski Palco, otherwise unavailable to the law enforcement authorities.

The Institute for Forensic Medicine and Criminology announced that the autopsy on the bodies of 14-year-old Vanja Gjorchevska and 74-year-old Panche Zhezhovski has been completed. However, the reports are not ready yet, the Ministry of Internal Affairs and the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje confirmed for MIA.

The autopsy reports should determine the reasons for the death of the minor Vanja and Panche from Veles, who were found dead near Skopje and Veles on December 3, after they were reported missing on November 27 and 24 of this year.

For this case, Velibor Manev, Vlatko Keshishov and Bore Videvski, who are part of the Right party of the first suspect, Ljupco Palevski-Palco, who is on the run and outside the country and for whom an order to conduct an investigation has been issued, are in 48-hour detention. and an international warrant was issued.

Last night, the Skopje Criminal Court ordered a short-term detention of 48 hours for Vanja's father, Aleksandar Gjorchevski, due to the danger of escape and influences on witnesses.

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