Vanya's father brought to the Criminal Court

photo: Free Press, Vanya's father brought to court

Aleksandar Gjorchevski, father of the kidnapped and murdered Vanja Gjorchevska, was brought to the Criminal Court. The prosecution suspects him as an accomplice in the case where his daughter was killed. The prosecution is asking for a 48-hour detention for him. Handcuffed, he turned to the reporters and gave a thumbs up.

He was interrogated last night at the police station, and today at a press conference, the chief public prosecutor in the Basic Public Prosecutor's Office Skopje, Gabril Bubevski said that circumstantial evidence indicates that the organizers received the information from her father about when the girl will leave the house.

- For the time being, we have evidence for the father that he indirectly participated in informing when the girl will leave the house to be picked up. We have no knowledge that he was involved in the motive for the murder. One of the suspects said that he got the information about the girl from the father - said Bubevski at the morning press conference, who added that the father denied the actions.

The motive was allegedly information that Vanya's mother had sold an apartment and that the child could be used to extort money from her. Vanja was taken to the atar of the village of Brazda, where she was killed about 2 hours after the kidnapping. Why they killed the child if they planned to use him for extortion, the law enforcement authorities have no logical explanation.

At the press conference, it was pointed out that the first suspect, who is the organizer and executor of the murder, is on the run, while three of the suspects have been sentenced to 48-hour detention.

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