Leonid's father for "Sloboden Pechat": Those responsible from FZOM refused to cover 140 thousand euros for my son's treatment, because he could have been treated in Macedonia, but they don't say where!

Branko Indov, father of young Leonid who was transported by helicopter to Vienna for treatment, tells "Sloboden Pechat" that the Health Fund (FZOM) today refused to cover his son's treatment. The donations collected from humane citizens will cover 3 months of Leonid's treatment in Austria, but the following three months, no one will cover them because the Health Fund rejected the family's request. It is about a sum of 140 thousand euros, which the family does not know where to find it. In addition, they will need money for when Leonid returns to Macedonia. This decision of FZOM comes after ten days ago Leonid was transported by ambulance and helicopter of the Ministry of the Interior to Austria, to a rehabilitation center. It was a question of risky and complex transport because the young patient is on a respirator.

Last summer, Leonid Indov had a serious accident while vacationing in Greece, during which he injured the third, fourth and fifth vertebra, so he breathes on a respirator and cannot move his limbs.

- We have been trying to get donations for Leonid for a long time to take him to treatment. He breathes on a respirator and in October we were on KARIL. From October, we transferred him to "Zhan Mitrev" and all the doctors and experts said that this is the knowledge in Macedonia and we must take it abroad. I found an institution in Austria that would accept him in such a condition. There I found an understanding and I didn't have to pay the whole amount at once so that I could slowly accumulate funds. I paid one part, but I am also conducting the procedure before the Health Fund. Today, I received a decision from there that it refuses Leonid's treatment abroad, as unfounded. Why? The rationale is that it was rehabilitation and that I have concluded a contract with FZOM. First of all, I have not concluded an agreement with FZOM and that there are institutions in Macedonia that could have treated him, and they do not tell me who those institutions are that could have treated him in such a condition as Leonid is in. I have the persons who are signatories to the minutes and I want to ask them publicly, how will they explain to me where in Macedonia I will treat Leonid? For Leonid in Macedonia, I received only one pressure sore from KARIL, which set my son back years. All the exercises and tests that should be done on him in Austria, they can't do on him because of that decubitus. That wound is huge and he can't even have plastic surgery done at the moment. It was good that I transferred him from KARIL to "Zhan Mitrev" because I saved the child from certain death, Leonid's father, Branko Indov, told "Sloboden Pechat".

He adds that he has photographs of the condition his son was in when he was admitted to "Zhan Mitrev".

- I have pictures of what he was like when he was admitted to "Zhan Mitrev" with the decubitus. That is proof to me. I spoke to the Austrian attaché when I was applying for a visa for Leonid. By the way, they issued Leonid's visa for free because of his condition and he decisively writes that his father took him out of the state institution "Mother Teresa" and transferred him to a private clinic to save the child from certain death. And he sent the picture to FZOM. In FZOM, everyone shrugs their shoulders, says they couldn't cover rehabilitation and so on. I have a man from Austria who has already responded in FZOM. Should the president of Austria also tell them that something is wrong here? What I am doing is not only for Leonid, but also for other children who need to go to treatment in the future. There are two more children like Leonid, with the difference that they breathe independently, and Leonid is on a respirator. My son Leonid has received over 30 infections from bacteria at KARIL, which he was treated at "Zhan Mitrev". I from KARIL, thank you very much, I got both bacteria and a wound for the child. It's a terrible thing. No one came to me like a father to ask me how I am, how I live and how I survive. Every day is a horror here. If they had a shred of conscience, an understanding of our situation. I don't know why the Fund's commission decided this way, Indov said.

Leonid is being treated in Austria in a trauma center and has made very big improvements due to new methods and ways to become independent in breathing.

- I see a spark of hope in him. The doctor who admitted him there on January 5 was visiting "Zhan Mitrev", saw Leonid and gave the green light to admit him to that hospital. Not everyone can go to that hospital. As soon as she gave the green light, surely she sees hope for him for help, the parent added to the "Free Press".

Our editors turned to KARIL for an answer to the question of whether it is true that the patient Leonid Indov left the clinic with decubitus and infections that he got during the hospital treatment, and after receiving the answer we will publish it.

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