Today, Leonid's father appealed the decision of the FZOM First Instance Commission

Today, Leonid's father, Branko Indov, filed a complaint with the Health Fund against the decision of the first-level medical commission at FZOM, which refused his son's treatment abroad on the grounds that it was not treatment but rehabilitation.

Now the second-level commission at FZOM will decide on the fate of Leonid, who is in a rehabilitation center in Austria.

The Health Fund justified that from TOARILUC, where Leonid was treated, they did not send the correct intervention that will be carried out abroad. Thus, the family was left stranded for 140 thousand euros and the money is collected through donations and text messages.

In the consular opinion for Leonid, it is stated that all treatment options have been exhausted in this country and that is why he is being sent to Austria for treatment. Despite this, the first-level medical committee at the Fund refused to cover the cost.

At the press briefing last week, FZOM could not say in which health facility Leonid could be treated in Macedonia. After sustaining serious bodily injuries on vacation in Greece, in addition to being unable to move, he also breathes on a respirator.


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