"My father killed a man because of debts": Shocking details of the life of Milan Stankovic

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The public was surprised when the famous Serbian singer Milan Stankovic made the decision to retire from public life and replace the stage with a monastery. Stankovic's new lifestyle constantly intrigues the public, and it was rumored that he became a novice in the Podmaine monastery near Budva.

And while the media constantly reports on the change in the image of Milan, the transformation and the new principles of life, Stankovic does not care about the comments in the public and leads a peaceful life. Milan is interested in serious topics, and recently he was seen at a lecture in the monastery in Nevešinja, where numerous believers and priests attended.


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At the beginning of his career, the famous singer attracted attention with his unusual stylings, then with his relationship with the singer Rada Manojlovic, and in recent years with the decision to change his life and devote himself to the monastery where he finds peace.


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The life of the popular singer has not been easy since his childhood, and the fact that Milan's father killed a colleague more than 30 years ago, for which he was sentenced to several years in prison, is little known. "Nova.rs".

After spending five years in prison, the singer's father died under unclear circumstances. The family was told that he died falling from the scaffolding, but Milan's family does not believe in this accident.

"I was only five months old when my father went to prison. That's why I don't remember him, but images of the visits run through my head. I never felt like I had a father, but someone I saw occasionally. My father killed a man he worked with in a bakery because of a debt. After five and a half years they told us that he fell off the scaffolding and died, but I don't believe it. I think it's about blood revenge," Stankovic told "Kurir" at the time and added:


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"I don't know what I would have been like if I had grown up with my father, but I always felt inferior. If I told the society that I don't have a father, I would cause pity. As if it is my fault that this is so. I was most affected by the letters he sent from prison. I found them once by accident and was completely lost. I knew I couldn't get him back. I felt how different each of his letters was, some of them showing despair, sometimes optimism. Despite everything, my mother supported me and fought for me and my sister. She worked in a shop, ironed, cleaned houses. She often borrowed money" - said Milan.

PHOTO | Milan Stankovic replaced the stage with a monastery: the Serbian singer became a novice among the monks


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