Taravari: The Association of Albanian Academicians for Science and Art should become an academy or be part of MANU

Association of Albanian Academicians/Photo: Free Press

The candidate for president from the united Albanian opposition Vredi, Arben Taravari, after visiting the Association of Academic Albanians for Science and Art in Tetovo, says that as a future president he will advocate for this association to be institutionalized, to become an academy or to be part of MANU.

According to Taravari, there is nothing problematic about that, but on the contrary, the more academies will represent wealth in Macedonia, and all of this will contribute to the development of science in the country.

- The University of Tetovo was a utopia 25 years ago, but now it is a reality. I hope that as a united Albanian opposition we will find a way this Association to institutionalize it and make it either an institute or an academy for sciences and arts of the Albanians in Macedonia or find a solution for it to be like a sector in the current Academy of Sciences and Arts in Macedonia, but all options will be discussed and I hope we will find a solution to be institutionalized properly, Taravari said.

To the question of "Sloboden Pechat" whether such a "future academy" that the united Albanian opposition will advocate for institutionalization will mean parallelism and division in the Macedonian society as well, Taravari answered that it would mean wealth for the state.

Association of Albanian Academicians/Photo: Free Press

- And for the Association of Albanian Doctors in Macedonia, when Mr. Agim Ramadani founded it, it was thought that it was a parallelism, but now it is a reality. And with the University of Tetovo, it was said that we don't need many universities, and now there are three Albanian universities in Macedonia, and Macedonians, Albanians and Turks study there. Academies are a treasure for the state, they are not parallelism. Politics is not made there, but there are projects that are about science, and we need more science, Taravari said.

The president of the Association of Albanian Academicians for Science and Art, university professor Hasan Jashari, says that they wanted and on several occasions asked to be part of MANU, but were refused. Now they will advocate to act as a separate public institution, but they will not give up the idea of ​​functioning as a sector of MANU.

- We, as a registered association of Albanian academics, are people who studied and worked here. We are not a political organization, we were engaged in science and art and we want to have public powers as a public institution in the sphere of Albanianology, culture and the peculiarities of Albanians which are guaranteed by amendment 11 of the Constitution. We are looking for public funding. I have applied twice at MANU, but we were rejected there due to technical issues. I think that in further contacts with the government and the parliament, we should find a solution to have public powers, and we are open to being part of MANU. So, as a non-political organization, we are looking for a public space for scientific research work, Jashari said.

By the way, the Association of Academic Albanians for Science and Art was founded and registered two years ago.

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