Taravari satisfied with 100 days in power: In order not to slip on the pro-Russian line, we must show that we want and can join the EU

Visible progress in the country has been achieved since the Alliance for Albanians became part of the Government, party president Arben Taravari assessed on the 100-day report after AA became part of the government majority. He emphasizes that the main priority is European integration and that they are now in our hands. Taravari expects that we will make the constitutional amendments as soon as possible.

"There is a risk that Macedonia will slip on the pro-Russian line. The opponents of the West are trying to block us. We must prove that we want, can and must succeed. I am an optimist, I hope and wish that the figure of 80 MPs will be reached. If it happens that Albania starts the negotiations and we go to the elections, I am afraid that the scenario of 2008 with Bucharest will repeat itself and that we will need another decade to find a solution that will be worse. "The beginning of negotiations with the EU is still a hope and we should think of the young people who are still in the country," Taravari said.

He said that we should focus on topics that unite us, and that is their request to remove the wording "20 percent" in the Albanian language, and he said that he expects support from the Macedonians for that.

Taravari assessed that although the decision for the Alliance to become part of the Government was difficult, time has shown that they were completely right because they stabilized the country.

"Time proved that we were right. Macedonia is in a much better position than 100 days ago. I am constantly asking every official of the Alliance for Albanians for results and zero tolerance for corruption. Since the beginning of our management of the Ministry of Justice, we have undertaken a series of activities to increase citizens' trust in the judiciary. We prepared an initiative for constitutional changes and I can proudly say that Macedonia is moving forward," Taravari said.

He listed several results that have been realized since AA is part of the majority. That the process of digitalization of the judiciary has begun, that soon a proposed law will be proposed for the management of seized property, the return of the University of Tetovo within the legal framework.

In order to prevent abuse according to fair and adequate representation, Taravari said that it is ensured that the nationality appears in several documents, that in the Ministry of Defense and in the army there are 45 Albanian candidates for professional soldiers and that 43 Albanians have been delegated in the peace missions. Measures to support farmers have been increased in agriculture. Taravari announced that soon a law on fair representation will be proposed and that finally, after 20 years, the exam for administrators will also be in the Albanian language. In the department of health, he mentioned that in the past 100 days of government, the salaries of health workers have increased to 3.000 denars and that a state health strategy is being prepared.

"We will soon make sure that the brothers from Kosovo will no longer pay astronomical prices for health services, but will pay like the citizens of Macedonia," said Taravari.

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