VIDEO INTERVIEW | Taravari for "Free Press": Ahmeti offered me to be the first Albanian prime minister

Arben Taravari/Photo: Sloboden Pechat/Slobodan Djuric

Our target will be the citizen, not the ethnic community, although I don't want to be duplicitous - our main target is the Albanian ethnicity. However, I sincerely expect huge support from Turks and Roma, from Bosniaks and from other ethnic communities and from Macedonians who live in Macedonia, says Arben Taravari, the candidate for president of the united Albanian opposition.

Speaking about the relations with DUI and with the leader of the party Ali Ahmeti, Taravari in an interview for the morning program of Sloboden Pechat detailed specific offers he received.

- If Mr. Ahmeti's offer was for me personally, it would be an offer that hardly anyone could refuse. It would have been very easy, the party and those who were pro-DUI would have gone, we would have taken a certain number of deputies, but after that we would no longer have a political identity. For me personally, on the other hand, they offered me what I wanted and to be the first Albanian prime minister and presidential candidate from DUI and Alliance and a deputy and numbers of deputies and mayors. However, my idea was not like that. For me personally, it was best to come to an agreement with Mr. Ahmeti, but I would have had a problem with the voters, says Taravari.

He believes that DUI has been part of the government for too long and that in these elections the opposition in the Albanian campus has a real chance to defeat Ahmeti's party, after several chances were missed in the previous elections.

– We believe that we have the capacity of people who can bring about the change. If we had merged with Besa in 2020, we would have brought the change even then. DUI has been in power for 22 years, it's the same as in communism. Even if they have done everything well, 22 years is too much, Taravari concluded.

Regarding the coalition capacity, Taravari believes that they are a desirable partner from both VMRO-DPMNE and SDSM.

- If you do a survey among the members of SDSM, you will see that the majority of them would rather have a coalition with the Albanian opposition than with DUI. Otherwise, we have not given anyone a word about a coalition. Mr. Mickoski and I have not seen each other since November 2022. We will compete in the Albanian bloc with three priorities, all of which are for European Macedonia, he adds.

Taravari still assesses that the rift in the Alliance was inevitable for the Albanians because they had a disagreement with Ziyadin Sela for a long time, while he thought that the Alliance should go alone, and Taravari believed that they should try with the opposition to bring change to the Albanians.

- I haven't seen Sela for a few weeks, but I would be happy to see you right after the elections, because we didn't have any big misunderstanding, said Taravari in the interview for "Sloboden Press".

Asked about the future of the party, Taravari said that the decision of the competent court will be awaited and whatever it is, it will be respected.

– There was a faction that got very close to DUI and that is indisputable. Both our and their arguments have been submitted to the court, so let the court decide. We will accept that decision. When this whole thing started, I insisted to certain members of the Central Presidency, 17 are from our side, 11 are from the other side (in the Central Assembly we have more than 50%) to give them the seal and not continue with these dramas that are happened before in Besa with Alternativa, but the vast majority of CP and CS insisted that the party belongs to the members and therefore we will wait for the decision of the Court, explained Taravari.


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