Taravari met with the Bulgarian ambassador Angelov

Taravari meeting with Angelov/Photo: AA

The president of the Alliance for Albanians, Arben Taravari, together with the general secretary of the party, Krenar Loga, met with Angel Angelov, ambassador of Bulgaria in Skopje.

- Ambassador Angelov and I agreed on the necessity of cultivating good neighborly relations between North Macedonia and Bulgaria, in the European spirit of the friendship agreement between our two countries. I emphasized that the Alliance for Albanians, as it supported the French proposal and the negotiation framework for North Macedonia, will also support the constitutional amendments for opening the negotiations for EU membership and that in addition to this, we will continue with deep reforms in the judiciary to fight the plague of the corruption. I emphasized the historical friendly ties between our peoples and states, as well as the will of the Alliance for the Albanians for their expansion and deepening. In that direction, I expressed our unreserved support for the completion of infrastructure connections along Corridor VIII, from Durrës to Varna, where North Macedonia is a connecting bridge between Bulgaria and Albania, the Alliance announced about Taravari's meeting with Angelov.

The party emphasizes that they agreed with Ambassador Angelov to continue the dialogue regarding the European future of North Macedonia and the anchoring of the region in the Western bloc, far from the malicious influences of Moscow.

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